Volunteers Talk About Us Best

Muchos hombres pequeños en lugares pequeños haciendo cosas penqueñas pueden cambiar el mundo


It was so glad to meet you guys. 😀 I love you so much! Take care and see you later.


HVALA BELGRAID! I am leaving INSPIRED by such an incredible and crazy group of people. You are all stars! I will miss being here so much and all the weirdness! But I hope our paths will cross again. Until then, keep shining! SO MUCH LOVE. Ciao, xxx.


Thank you for all & nice experience


So lovely to work with such a wonderfully diverse group of badasses out there helping the world. You are all A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and I hope our paths cross again!


It’s such a good and unforgettable memory for this one week. I came here by a coincidence, but end up falling in love with this city, this group of people. Thank you very much for the generous help and warm heart. Love you all! We are doing something really worthwhile!


You Beautiful BelgrAid Badass Babes! I have never felt so instantly welcome in a group of people, and I don’t quite have words to describe how wonderfully inspiring you all are. I am overwhelmed by your enormous generous hearts! Let’s stay in touch, as I know we will see each other again to continue spreading the love. Ciao for now & Thank you for everything, xxx.


Auf wiedersehen!
Au revoir!
(I don’t know how to say goodbye in Danish) so goodbye, Jayne!
Thank you for everything!


BelgrAid Team, it has been such a wonderful experience working with you all. You are an example to the world! Really hope to come again, & you are all welcome in Scotland! Lots of love, xxx.


Goodbye, BelgrAid! 🙁 It’s been such a wonderful and interesting 2 weeks. I don’t think I’ve ever met a more dynamic and varied group of people, and its been such great fun working and hanging out with you all. I really do think that the community here is something special, and I’m so impressed by the work that is done. Thank you.


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