Volunteer With Us!

BelgrAid is comprised of passionate and committed volunteers, staying anywhere between a few weeks weeks and pretty much indefinitely. A core team of dedicated long-termers manages our food programme, clothes and hygiene distributions and in-camp activities, and also ventures on organisational work involving computers. But we would be nowhere without the wholehearted help of an ever-changing group of between 15 and 40 volunteers; coming together from all over the world to assist and serve Serbia’s stranded refugee population.

Depending on your length of stay, you will have the opportunity to prepare food in the kitchen, to serve meals and help organise activities in Obrenovac camp and to distribute clothes and hygiene items to several sites around the country. Besides that, there are always small side-projects and organisational tasks to be undertaken in and around our bustling warehouse! 

Most volunteers choose to stay in one of our volunteer apartments. It is not luxury living, and sometimes things get a bit loud, but that is part of the charm. If you are not a fan of close quarters or desire a bit more quiet, there are hostels nearby that we can direct you to. We provide lunch daily for those who are working, as well as coffee, tea and fresh lemonade – our special house recipe with ginger and wild mint – to keep everyone awake and/or hydrated. Beyond this, the costs of living in Serbia are relatively low, so it won’t take much to cover the rest of your meals and drinks.

Volunteering with refugees in Serbia can be an intense and stimulating experience, especially when going into camp; yet it also involves working long hours on relatively laborious tasks. We work hard together, but there is still plenty of time for fun activities in the evening hours. Our volunteers come from all over the world but are bound together by a common purpose; it takes no time at all to make friends and feel like you have been here forever!

New volunteers are welcome, no prior experience is required – the most important thing is to have a positive and flexible attitude, and to be ready to work! Please let us know about any special skills and passions you might have, or if you have any creative project ideas that would be a good match for our organisation; we would love to work with you to make them happen! Additionally, if you are staying for a while and are interested in filling a role, we would be delighted to find one that suits you.

If this ragtag team of passionate volunteers sounds like one you would like to join, fill out the form to apply, or contact us for more information. We look forward to connecting with you!