Volunteers are raising money for BelgrAid!

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Collective Aid. Every vegetable that is cut, floor mopped, meal distributed, budget balanced, and activity lead, is cut/mopped/distributed/balanced/lead by a volunteer! On top of that, volunteers are our most ardent and consistent fundraisers! Scroll down to check out the creative ways our volunteers are raising money for Collective Aid!

Sean goes beardless!

€1,194 of €2,500 raised

I have been volunteering for this organization for the past 4 months, and as I make my leave I would like to leave them with something. To raise money for Collective Aid and their activities team, I have decided to sacrifice something very close to me. So close, that it’s actually connected to me, both physically and emotionally. It has seen over 5 years of life and has grown as much as I have in that time. It has broken both combs and hearts. Praised by many, envied by some and deplored by few. It lives in both fame and infamy, but not for long. It is my beard and it shall be shaved.

If we can raise €2,500 I will shave my dear beard! All of the money will go directly to Collective Aid and will help them continue to improve the lives of refugees everyday.

When the time comes, either pictures or a video will be posted of the results!

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Donation Total: €30.00