Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reach the warehouse from the city?

The warehouse is located 15km outside of Belgrade. From Central Station, turn right and walk to the last bus stop and take the 511 bus. Get off at Ivo Lola Ribar. This stop is the fourth stop after the bus turns left from the highway. From this bus stop, cross the road and head up the hill on the right hand side. Walk until you see a path on the right marked Antre. You will see a market on your right. Keep walking to the end of this road until you reach a driveway on the right. Walk down and you will find us!

How do I get from the airport to the warehouse?

There are different options. You can take a taxi from the airport and come over, that would cost you around 15 € or you take a bus to town and afterwards a bus to the warehouse, as explained above.

The bus from the airport to town cost 300 RS and comes regularly. It’s the A1, you can drop out at the main city bus station.

How do I get to Belgrade from other European cities?
The easiest way to answer this question is with Google! Find the cheapest way to Belgrade via bus with SerbiaTours, GoEuro or Flixbus. Cheapest flights can be found with SkyScanner, Swoodoo or GoogleFlights.
How much does living with BelgrAid costs?

Living in Serbia is quite cheap. If you choose to live in our volunteer house, it is 5€ per night. You can usually get one free meal per day from the organization, in the case that we have leftovers from the day’s distribution. We also have a “Funky Shop” where undistributable food and clothes can be bought in exchange for a donation.

What do I need to bring?

You don’t need anything special. Comfortable clothes and shoes, your passport, etc. but nothing specific. Ensure you have some modest clothing to cover your shoulders and knees, as well as covered shoes for your days visiting the camp. During winter, we advise you to bring warmer clothes. If you have an international driver’s license, please bring it so you can assist with driving the van. If you are staying in the volunteer house, we can provide bedsheets and towels.

What is the White Card and how does it work?
If you are a foreigner staying in Serbia, you must register yourself with the police using your passport. The registration process gives you the White Card. If you are staying in town, your place needs to register you. Your hostel or AirBnB landlord will provide you a card. If you are staying with us, we will organize everything for you. It is free.
How is the weather in Serbia?
If you are staying with us during winter it’s really cold and if you are here in summer it will be quite hot. Please check the weather report shortly before your arrival again.
What does a typical day working with BelgrAid look like?

We are start around 8:30 with cooking. Every helping hand is needed to prepare the meals. Around 12:00, one team of 9 people will go to distribution at the refugee camp. They usually return around 17:30. The second team will staying back and clean the kitchen and prepare vegetables for the following day. Teams change each day to give everyone a chance to visit the camp. Note: only longer term volunteers (3 weeks or more) will be invited to help with distribution.

When the distribution team returns, all hands are on deck to do the dishes and close down the warehouse for the evening.

Besides the main distribution, there are always many other projects going on such as sorting donations, other distributions of hygiene packs, crafts and other activities to help with. We are a very busy team!

You can volunteer with us, or for more information about the day’s work, see Our Projects.

Do I need experience?

No, experience is not required. Kitchen and knife skills would be awesome but we can teach you if needed. If you have specific skills we will be also happy to use them (chefs, logistics, IT, marketing, social media… please share!).

I am staying long-term. Do I have the possibility to do “more than just the kitchen”?
Depending on how long you are staying we will try to find a perfect role for you that suits you best and best utilises your particular skills or talents. We are very open to new project ideas if you are planning to stay for a longer period of time to see them executed!
What does the accommodation look like?

We are having 2 volunteer houses. One apartment sleeps 6 people, and the other sleeps around 25 in mixed dorm rooms. Both houses have bathrooms and a kitchen. We also have washing machines that you can use.
The larger volunteer house has a nice outdoor seating area where we often sit by the fire and enjoy evenings together, complete with outdoor cinema!

If you would like more information about the accommodation, follow this link: Accommodation